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Boost Restaurant Delivery Revenue up to 40%

Automatically increase delivery revenue by 10-40% with zero effort.

works seamlessly with

Use market data to drive sales.

Sauce monitors orders & market data from your delivery platforms and automatically sets pricing that will net you higher sales and profits.

Set up in under 3 minutes.


Step 1

Connect your delivery and POS accounts to the Sauce platform. We automatically import the menus from all your restaurant locations, so you don’t have to.


Step 2

Select your strategy, and confirm the items you wish to optimize.


Step 3

Relax while Sauce automatically pushes out price adjustments that boost your sales. Review key metrics about your performance at your leisure.

Without Sauce

With Sauce

Trusted by single unit restaurants and chains.

See how TLT Food got 38% higher sales in their first month with Sauce.

Amazing. Sauce gives us a lever to increase profitability that we didn’t have before, which is especially important for our restaurants at this time.

Debbie Roxarzade

Founder & CEO

Sauce brings convenience. We were looking for ways to increase revenues and Sauce just did it effortlessly. It’s huge and it takes a lot off my plate. 

Bobby Daddis

Chief Marketing Officer